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Educational Program

What We Do

Project LIFE offers the following employment, adult education, economic development, and housing programs and projects to restore resident self-determination, economic opportunity, and social and physical wellbeing: 

  • Adelante Employment Program – Project L.I.F.E. will work closely with local employers to establish mutually beneficial relationships that create job opportunities for residents and provide a viable workforce for employers. A distinct combination of attitudinal and credential-bearing hard and soft skills training will be offered during a three week job readiness course.  Case managers will provide one-on-one counseling and linkages to community resources to successfully prepare chronically unemployed individuals for living wage jobs and careers in demand occupations. Training will be provided in the areas of communication, problem solving, critical thinking, workplace ethics, professional etiquette, resume writing, interviewing, job applications, professional networking, and basic computer literacy.  Occupational skills training will be provided by Emily Griffith Opportunity School in the areas of building maintenance, office operations and customer service. Program participants will complete a comprehensive assessment of language skills, experience, and relevant education. Once placed, case managers will focus on retention and provide up to six months of supportive services including mediation and cultural competency training for employers. Case managers will conduct quarterly site visits to support employee retention and employer satisfaction and will offer mediation services and other support as needed.Project LIFE expects to serve 150 residents and to partner with at least 20 employers to provide employment and training opportunities.
  • Clayton Community Empowerment Program – Project LIFE will offer the following opportunities for at least 150 community residents: 
  • Immigration Services: Partner with U.S. Department of Homeland Security and local immigration attorneys to offer quarterly workshops for 10 – 20 participants to increase understanding on legalization and citizenship.
  • Small Business Development and Financial Literacy: Partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration and local banks to host an annual small business conference and expo for 100 participants.  Offer quarterly small business development workshops and provide personal financial literacy workshops and counseling for at least 50 participants.
  • Nutrition Education and Health Care Access: Partner with Cooking Matters to offer quarterly nutrition education and cooking classes for 10 – 20 residents and partner with Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics and Inner City Health and Dental Clinic to ensure that residents have access to quality and affordable medical, dental and behavior healthcare.   
  • Adult Literacy and GED Preparation: Project LIFE will offer four, 12-week sessions of basic reading, writing and math instruction and GED preparation for 10 to 20 adults per session. 
  • English Language Proficiency: Four, 12-week sessions will be offered for 10 – 20 adults per session.
  • Clayton Community Economic Opportunity Ventures – Project L.I.F.E. plans to pursue the purchase and renovation of key properties within the Clayton Neighborhood to establish viable business ventures that create entrepreneurial opportunities and living wage jobs for residents.  Currently Project LIFE is exploring the acquisition of a 15,000 square foot property at 35th  and York to support a small grocery store that carries wholesome, nutritious foods and can employ at least 30 residents.
  • Affordable Housing – Project L.I.F.E. plans to partner with public and private lending and grant sources to establish homeownership counseling and affordable rental housing.